Review: EverFelt

A driven melting pot of sound


5/20/20241 min read

We just got the latest tracks from Blues, psychedelic rockers; EverFelt. These guys merge a wide range of styles and influences which result in an incredible, unique sound.

“Reach” creeps in with a brooding bass line before exploding into a grinding, hard rock masterclass. The vocals pull the song along and you can’t help but nod along as the tracks grows. The guitar line holds the song together effortlessly and adds a new level to the song. The quiet/heavy dynamic is not new in rock music but EverFelt adds their own twist to this and the song explodes every time the band hit their groove. A really tight offering and certainly one to get your head moving.

“The Lie” has a much more impactful hit right from the start. The guitar work during the intro is truly stunning and sets the song up perfectly. The angry, melodic vocal crashes through your speaker and makes you take notice. There is a certain element of rebellious “Sex-Pistol-Esque” urgency to “The Lie” but backed by musicians that can really play. This is what makes EverFelt quite unique; matching 70’s punk ethics with modern metal music. This really is something quite different.

For fans of: Stone Temple Pilots, Early Alice in Chains and music that doesn’t play nice or by anyone else’s blueprint.

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